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Skyliner and Tokyo Subway ticket question


Hi, I’m looking to buy a return trip Skyliner ticket + Tokyo Subway Ticket for my trip next month, however, I can’t find the answers to my questions:

  1. What is the validity period for a return-trip ticket? I’ll be in Japan April 5-19, 2019. Will they issue a ticket for April 5 and then a return ticket for April 19?

  2. How do the 24, 48, 72 hour Tokyo Subway ticket work? Does the ticket activate the same day I arrive (April 5) or does it activate the first time I use it?



Hi Zensa

  1. I also couldn’t find these details sorry. But I’d guess that it will be valid for your trip. I think you only need to specify the date of 1st use.

  2. According to this site, it seems you can activate it on separate days
    "Q: I will use the Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket, but do the day I use the Skyliner ticket and the day I use the Tokyo Subway Ticket have to be the same?

A:No. However, you must use the Tokyo Subway Ticket within six months after you exchange it from the exchange number."


Hi Zensa, I can reply to the first part of your query as I have used Skyliner in October-November’18. Assuming you are purchasing an online ticket(not really necessary as the trains were not full when I traveled in spite of being a peak period), once you show your online coupon at the counter in Narita on 5th. you will also be given the ticket for the return journey on 19th. However you will have to get the return ticket endorsed before you undertake the return journey(you can do that in the Keisei counter in your originating station for return trip to Narita).