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Purchase of Tokyo Wide Pass

Hi guys, I’ll be going to Tokyo next weekend and it will be my 2nd time. I’m thinking of buying Tokyo Wide Pass but I can’t seem to find any online platform where I can purchase the pass except from KKday app. However, my travel date is already greyed out so I can’t avail it anymore. Can I just buy this pass in the airport since they have the JR East Office located in there? Can I use the pass on the day or even the next day? Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Hi mishasmom,

You should be able to buy it at the JR East Ticket Office at the airport, yes. You will be able to use the pass immediately. We are in the process of updating our own guide to the Tokyo Wide Pass, but you can find information here:

Enjoy your trip!

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