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Main tourist spots in Tokyo in 1 day

Will be in Tokyo on Feb 4 to Feb 5. I already listed sites that I want to visit. Will it be possible to visit all these in just 1 day and using public transportation. Will be arriving at Narita at 6 am and will stay over night in shinjuku. Can somebody please help me arrange this itinerary based on location, convenience so that we can cover all sites in 1 day. Thank you for the help.
Imperial palace
Ginza district
The Kabuki-za Theatre, Ginza
Sensoji temple
Ueno park
Meiji shrine
Tokyo skytree
Shibuya crossing
Hachiko statue

Unless you plan to spend 30 seconds at each and skip all meals, I wouldn’t recommend this. I often take guests on a tour that starts in Asakusa, goes through Ginza and ends at the Imperial Palace. It doesn’t quite take all day, but they’re usually pretty tired by the end of it. You’re planning to add 5 extra stops. In total, you have 8 areas to visit in your itinerary. I would recommend trying 5 areas at most. (I put the Ginza locations together, and also Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko are in the same place).

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