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First time travelling to Tokyo

My family and I will be going to Tokyo for the first time.
We’ll be there for 7 days and plan to have the last two days spent near Mt. Fuji.
The whole train system is quite confusing and I don’t know which train pass(es) are best in my situation.
We’ll be staying within Tokyo for 5 days then my dad would like to take a bullet train to Mt.Fuji and back. Please advise on if I should buy a JR pass or a combination of other passes?

Thank you so much,

Hi Kristen,

I’d suggest taking a bus to Mt Fuji and back, as this is much cheaper.

Take a look at our Tokyo to Mt Fuji transport guide for more:

We also have a Fuji-san accommodation guide, which might come in handy:

There’s no need to buy a Jr Pass for that itinerary, buy a passmo or Suica card that you can charge with yen (similar to an oyster card in the UK) and use that for travel on the metro and subway trains in Tokyo.

Just buy single tickets for the trip to Mt Fuji. There are JR help desks at the major train stations that will help you book the tickets, most of the staff I’ve dealt with at those places speak excellent English so you should be OK.

A Jr Pass will not pay off for a single round trip on the bullet train. You’d need to go to at least 2 different cities apart from Tokyo to make it worth the money.

Hello Kristen,
We’ve been making YouTube videos and have two that might help you.
First is the “Free Volunteer Tour Guides” program in Japan.
Second is the basics for “Eating out in Japan” .
Have a great trip.
Daniel & Natali

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