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Data sim without any credit card whatsoever

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying Tokyo’s beginning of fall!

So… here is my problem: I have absolutely no credit card (nor Japanese or from abroad… none none none).
I am desperately trying to find a company that will allow me to get a data sim card with a monthly plan.
I remember having seen such a company in the “partner section” of the website (in the “Kitty club”) but can’t find it anymore…

Anyone remembering the name ofthat company of maybe another similar one???

Thanks in advance

Hi Nadia,

If you have a Japanese bank account, there should be a few supplies that’ll allow you to pay via direct debit.
@ryosan and @CheapoGreg might have some more specific insights, but here’s our article with a list of sim card options:

Also I think it’s easier than ever for foreign residents to get a credit card in Japan. There’s a few prepaid credit card options in Japan (some available at convenience stores, usually by the itunes credit vouchers), plus Rakuten and I think Amazon too.

Howdy Nadia,

Here is a big list of MVNO vendors that will take bank transfers instead of Credit Cards.

I’ve heard good things about OCN and DTI but I think they’re all quite good.

I must stress again what @mrkirkland has said though; you can apply to the Rakuten and Amazon credit cards with VERRRY little difficulty and have even more options.

Thank you guys very much!!! I will try the Rakuten and Amazon option!!!