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SummerSonic '19


Any of you planning to attend SummerSonic in Osaka and Tokyo? Their English website is a little simple and I’m really not sure about transport options at either of the venues after the shows at night, as most public transport stops around midnight (really trying to avoid taxis unless no other option). How to head back to Osaka central, and to Ginza from Chiba? If you went before or read anything all suggestions are welcome!

Thank you!

Hi there,

We have a guide for the Tokyo leg, which might be of use:

In Osaka and Tokyo, the show should finish in time for you to catch your train back.

enjoy summersonic! I was considering to go but all my preferred acts are scattered across the three days and I didn’t want to fork out for the entire 3d

Thank you! It will be a little hectic but I’m sure it’ll worth it!