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Need advice on 10-days trip

Hi. I made tentative plan on places to visit for my 10-days solo trip. Would appreciate advice, especially on transportation on JR pass or if Suica is sufficient as I owned one, and would love any better suggestions and improvement to my plan. So far I only have my air-tickets to/fro Narita and accommodation in Tokyo confirmed.

Day 1: 30/11 - Arrive Tokyo early morning. Overnight in Tokyo.
Day 2: 1/12 - Overnight in Tokyo.
Day 3: 2/12 - To Nagoya - city tour. To Takayama. Overnight in Takayama.
Day 4: 3/12 - Visit Shirakawago. To Toyama. Overnight in Toyama.
Day 5: 4/12 - To Nagano - visit Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani. Overnight in Nagano.
Day 6: 5/12 - To Tokyo. Overnight in Tokyo.
Day 7: 6/12 - Overnight in Tokyo.
Day 8: 7/12 - Daytrip to Nikko. Overnight in Tokyo.
Day 9: 8/12 - Daytrip to Kawasaki, Yokohama and Kamakura. Overnight in Tokyo.
Day 10: 9/22 - Early departure flight.

I just saw Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route’s last tour date is 30/11. Is there any suggestions how I can do a Daytrip from Nagano as I am willing to change my air-tickets to earlier departure i.e. arrival in Tokyo on 28/11 early morning and head straight to Nagano.

Looking forward for your help. Thanks in advance.

Hi Cyn

Are you planning to get a 7d JR pass?
I’ve been to all the places on your list except for the tateyama alpine route, so I can’t say for sure whether it’s really worth changing your flights for it or not.

One recommendation I have is to visit the ryokan/onsen next to the Snow monkey park either overnight or just at lunchtime, it is a hidden gem,

I’ve been a few times as a non-guest ( to use the outdoor onsen, I can’t remember the exact time but maybe 12-3pm)
Each time I have had the outdoor onsen all to myself (and a bunch of monkeys).
Just bring some swimwear (one of the rare places that allow you to cover yourself because of tourists outside) and towels.

Hi Quintin,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Jigokudani Onsen Korakukan’s review is helpful, too. I am also considering spending a night at Shirakawa.

Would you know if body tattoo is allowed at the Onsen?

Regarding 7d JR pass, I am still unclear and uncertain which pass suits my itinerary best. There seemed to be few passes available but information I gathered confuses me.

Hope to get some feedback on the pass.


Hi Cyn
sorry for late reply

I don’t know if body tattoo is allowed or not. I guess if you can cover it with your swimsuit than it should be fine. Most traditional bathhouses still strict though.
7d pass would seem to work for you. A shinkansen return train ticket to Nagano would already cost you 20,000. If you really want to be sure, just use hyperdia to estimate the cost of each leg


Hi, Quintin,

Thanks for your reply.

I managed sort out my trip with 7days JR Pass but will leave Onsen out, just in case. Added few other places like Fukui and Nagoya into my itinerary.

Thanks for your advice.


Enjoy Japan!
you hopefully should be able to catch some autumn leaves in tokyo

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